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How to Call multiple config.xml file with API Callback for webrotate 360 extension for different configurable swatches in Magento

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WebRotate 360 Product Viewer for Magento with prettyPhoto Lightbox Image Gallery is a wonderful and most popular free plugin for 3D product views and 360 product photography.

It has a wonderful future and you can also create your own images with its unique software and create a hotspot inside images.

You can read more about this extension on internet. But as a developer I will explain how to customize this plugin if you want to call another config.xml file when you click on another configurable swatch option.

When you install this extension, you will find its javascript inside app/design/frontend/rwd/default/template/webrotate360/catalog/product/view/media.phtml

At line no. 74 or find <div class="product-image">

Below this div there is a Javascript

Above its configuration paramter to initiate webrotate 360 js.

Now, to change configFileURL paramter on different simple product (associated product) click some tricks are as below:

Now , in your product thumb image div add some id parameter  to li, it should be:

Now, to call different configFileURL on different product thumb image, modified above Javascript with below once.

This will first initiate your intital config.xml file and after on different thumb image click it will call another config.xml file with API Callback.

If you have more product in your store then this PHP script will help you to create your config.xml file dynamically. you have to just change image path in this script and xml file will be created automatically accordingly.

Hope this post will help someone.
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