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How to Install Modman to manage modules in Magento in Windows system

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Modman is a command line interfacing tool which hashis own command with which you can link any 3rd party extension in your magento project. It uses a symbolic link concept which have the ability to remove the links at any time. Other features of this tool like listing all installed extension, using version control to download and link the most up to date versions in your Magento Project.

Installing modman

Enabling Symlinks in Magento

As I told earlier, modman uses Symbolic links to deploy modules into Magento, you have to first Enable symlink in your Magento configuration. By default the support for symlinks is disbaled in Magento because this feature has an performance impact and is a potential security risk. Which is not wanted on production systems. But for development this is not a problem.

Open your Magentos admin panel and goto System > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > Template Settings and set “Allow Symlinks” to “Yes”.

Install Modman and Install Magento Extension With Modman.

If you using Windows systen then some commands will not work as its working fine in Linux. So, you need any powerful PHP editor which allow to use terminal inside it where you can run linux command. Here I will explain you installing Modman in Windows system using a Aptana PHP Editor.

1.    Log in to your server and reach to your magento installed directory path.
2.    Paste below command in terminal:

bash < <(curl -s -L

if its not work then use below command:

bash < <(wget -q --no-check-certificate -O -

After successfully installation, you will get below message.

Done. Modman installed in c/Users/username/bin/modman

In order to use modman in your Magento installation you need to initialize the modman deployment root.

Now, in your editor after reaching your magento root directory use below command:
modman init

This will create a “.modman” folder which will be the place where all modules are “cloned” into.

Once you have initialized your modman “deploy root” you can start installing modules with modman.

Lets, install magento-debug Extension with modman.
modman clone

and flush your cache.
You will find magento debug extension folders in your modman folder.

How to update
modman update magneto-debug

How to Remove
modman remove magneto-debug

How to update all
modman update all

So, that’s it, hope this is useful introduction to modman and why you should start using it. So, download modman in your magento project and start using it.
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