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Set Up Sending Emails on localhost for Magento

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If you working on Magento on your localhost server then you can not send emails after customer’s registering, purchase, newsletter subscription, or order completed notification.

The following solution will help you much with email problem of Magento on localhost, which enables you debug and test email.

Link to download:
You can download above extension with modman also.

If you do not know how to install Magento Extension with modman then first visit this post, where I explained in detail.

After installed this extension you have to provide some configuration settings to work this extension properly.


Once you have downloaded, go to System -> Configuration-> Aschroder Extension -> SMTP Pro

Here you will see that module allows you to use free SMTP from: Gmail, Amazon SES, , SendGrid, or Custom SMTP.

Personally, I would like to use Google Apps or Gmail as SMTP and sending mail for Magento.

For module running and operating, we need a Gmail account. I will create a Gmail account used for sending email only.

Configuration is relatively simple. you just need to choose Google Apps or Gmail, then fill username + Password.

Choose Save config.

After you save config, to see whether module has run or not, still in config, you click on Tab Logging and Debugging.

In this config, the purpose is to log email submissions in Magento system, you can choose Yes in all options.

Then click on Run Self Test and if you receive this notification:

Then the config has completed, module is running.

You can test it easily by registering as a new customer, then check whether you have received welcome email or not.
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