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Quickly Check Magento Core Files Modified Report

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Sometimes store owners may need to check if Magento core files were modified or not ? The script lets you check if a free extension or an extension from an unknown developer modifies Magento core files – and if it does, you may suspect malicious activity behind your back.

You can quickly and easily check Magento core files owere modified or not by previous developers or Magento extensions.

  • This Script shows the core files that have been changed;
  • This Script shows the exact changes and highlight them, comparing the files with the original files from your Magento version.
  • This Script also shows the changes made by 'legal' overriding of Magento core files in the app/code/local/Mage folder.
You can direct download it fro github.


You can add this folders into the root folder of your Magento Installation and run the url in frontend.


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